Introducing: Ryan and his blog

Hello internet! My name is Ryan Glaspell and I am currently a junior at West Virginia University. I’m studying print journalism here, and loving almost every second of it. Life is a huge, vastly untold story, and I want to tell it to people. My passion is music, and my goal is to write for a music publication. Alternative Press, I’m shooting for you.

That brings me to divulge the focus of this blog to my massive crowd of followers. How we communicate is constantly changing. Therefore, journalism is constantly changing. Communication and journalism both largely coincide with music. How people hear music, whether they be actually hearing it, or seeing an advertisement of sorts, relies heavily on what the popular means of communication is. I want to analyze and highlight the countless ways mass communication affects music promotion.

Is Snoop Dogg leaking his own album in hopes to reach vaster audiences in a more timely manner?

Do live stream concerts garner artists more fans?

Is NSYNC going to drop subtle hints via Twitter of a collaboration album with Backstreet Boys?


The uses of mass media to benefit the promotion of musicians are nearly endless, thanks to the rapidly changing uses of the internet. By blogging about the changing tides of music journalism, I hope to be better equipped to actually be a music journalist. It’s like figuring out how a motor works. I don’t need to know the mechanics of a motor to drive a car, but learning will allow me to encounter problems with more ease. This blog will help me figure out how communication works. Also I just really love learning as much as I can about music.

Music meets mass communication meets my weird brain. Thanks for reading.


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