Blogroll Description

In order to assure that I’m not just talking out of my butt, I will be following certain blogs that pertain to my blog’s topic. This will hopefully keep me relevant and informed. Here is the list of blogs on my blogroll, as well as why they have a place there:

  1. Drowned In Sound is a music news site that focuses a lot on more independent and alternative music news. It covers the typical new releases and reviews, but the site incorporates a cool Twitter box on their home page. Their use of social media makes this site modern and related to my topic.
  2. Ethan Hein’s blog is different than most music blogs. His posts deal with music’s impact on society, including the advancing technology. This flows with my blog because it looks at music in society, and its evolution.
  3. HypeBot is very similar to what I picture my blog to look like, content wise. A lot of the posts are on what is new in the music industry.
  4. Most of Music Machinery’s posts are about playlists, but their tagline is “a blog about about music technology”. The explanations of playlists are useful in talk of music promotion.
  5. NME is simply a rapidly updated music news website. Seeing what’s happening with in the music world will give me leads to potential blog posts.
  6. Noisey by Vice Music is another music news site, but it does a good job using social media and has a cool Spotify widget. The site also has articles about the reception of certain music, which coincides with my blog about how music is distributed.
  7. Described by the root site NPR, NPR The Record is, “…a blog about how people find, make, buy, share and talk about music.” There are major crossover elements between NPR The Record and my blog.
  8. StereoGum is a popular indie music blog that boasts stories, reviews, and MP3 downloads and streams. This site is a good example of music communication done right.
  9. The Daily Swarm is an aggregate blog that collects headlines from all corners of the music industry. Whether it be covering an album or discussing how internet radio is a huge market, this can point me in many right directions for my blog.
  10. The final blog, as of now, on the blogroll is Uncommon Approach. This Tumblr blog isn’t updated as regularly as some blogs, but the posts focus on how the music industry is changing, along with how society is changing with it. That is a more specialized idea of what my blog is.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Blogroll Description

  1. Fair start, but a lot of newsblogs. Especially now, when you’re honing your craft and voice, you could do with some more individual perspectives (Ethan Hein is one such example). Good work explaining relevance to your blog’s mission (but that needs to be clearer on your About page as well).

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