Twitter Tuesday: Katy Perry

Welcome to the first Twitter Tuesday! Every two Tuesdays I will be taking a musician and looking at how they utilize their Twitter and if it helps or hurts their music image.

Do they live tweet their every action, regardless of importance? Is it painfully obvious they have someone else running their profile? Do they do nothing but say inappropriate and provocative things?

For this first week I was drawn by the gods of pop music to Katy Perry’s Twitter profile.

Pop star and beloved, bi-curious diva Katy Perry has over 42 million followers on her Twitter profile. This is more than most of her contemporaries, like Lady Gaga and, dare I say it, Miley Cyrus.

Katy seems to view Twitter much like any teenager or young adult would. From her cheesy and subtly promoting description, to retweeting the funny stuff,  Katy playfully uses Twitter to keep in touch with her fan base. Lately, KP has been interacting a lot with fans via replying to their tweets of unyielding devotion, even if it’s just with a word or two, or the elegant emoticon. In one case, she calls out two sisters for their letters to her.

Although her Twitter is very informal and fun, she is first and foremost in the business of music. If there’s a new announcement of any type, from an upcoming single to the release of the next record’s cover art, Katy makes sure her followers know about it. The fun thing is that she does it while still maintaining a personal voice.

By her using her own voice (unless she pays someone to tweet random things from her perspective), and interacting with her followers, it’s no wonder Katy’s Twitter is overflowing with fans.

The Verdict

Katy Perry gets a thumbs up for her use of the Twitterverse. It is not surprising that fans want her tweets to appear on their timeline. She doesn’t just spam links for her new products, she says quirky stuff like:

Her laid back, sometimes funny tweets are inviting for others to retweet or reply to. According to Twtrland, for every 100 tweets sent out by Katy, over 92,000 retweets and 24,000 replies are generated. By not being a, “Hey fans, check out my new _____!” robot, Katy attracts more followers. And it’s not only just the number that counts, but they are involved followers. Good job Katy.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesday: Katy Perry

  1. Nice idea! I’m a little surprised you’re only going with this every other week – seems like there’s enough for a weekly thing. Be careful this doesn’t become too much of a review (i.e., just your opinions) though. Keep pulling together multiple threads.

    • I thought about doing it weekly. There definitely is enough content. I wasn’t sure if making it a weekly thing would be too often, seeing as I’ll probably only be updating twice a week.

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