Twitter Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

Alright, so I know last Tuesday I said this was going to be a bi-weekly thing, and I still plan on it being that, but this week is a special circumstance. I’ll be posting every day, and in a post-heavy week some analysis of wild child Miley Cyrus’s tweets is a must.

Last week we looked at Katy Perry’s open and friendly use of Twitter. Now, we introduce the fearless, twerkaholic pop star. Once Disney queen Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is very active on her Twitter feed.

For awhile Miley posted random commentary, sporadic promotions and the occasional absurd tweet.

For the past week or so, however, there has been nonstop spam for her new “Wrecking Ball” video. Whether it is posting links repeatedly to her YouTube video, or just pleading for her fans, now referred to as “Smilerz”, to get “Wrecking Ball” to 150 million views, you can’t go two tweets without a plea for a view.

As for her online voice, it definitely seems to be authentic. Yeah, there are a ton of plugs for her upcoming album and singles, but they’re amid the posts chronicling what Miley is thinking.

Although at times Miley’s tweets may seem lacking in humility, she has no problem gladly thanking her fans.

So how useful is Miley’s carefree and link-heavy Twitter in promoting her? Personally all of those links to her new video drive me crazy. Promotion is good in moderation. Then again, sheย didย break the VEVO recordย for the fastest a video reached 100 million views, so maybe my personal opinion is nothing more than that. On theย otherย hand, of the 1 million+ up/down votes on YouTube, that video currently only boasts 62% of the crowd that likes it. Is it one of those things where, even though people are talking down on it, they’re still talking? Or is her promotion promoting something that people disapprove of, and ultimately will hurt her?

Despite the ugly amount of people that down voted the video on YouTube, Miley’s fan base is constantly growing larger. She must be doing something right, even if it’s appealing to the shock-loving generation of teenagers.

Her personal thoughts can be entertaining, or at least stir up the pot of drama that is constantly brewing with her. So that, along with her extremely liberal use of promotion, may actually serve her well.

Next Twitter Tuesday I promise to venture away from uber-poppy females. I figured this would be a nice follow up to Katy Perry’s mostly clean cut approach.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesday: Miley Cyrus

  1. Okay! This is a good evolution of Twitter Tuesday. You’re posting notable tweets, but you’re also getting at the conversation, thus providing some greater context and depth. Keep it up!

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