Twitter Tuesday: Brendon Urie

Today Panic! at the Disco released their new album Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die. So, it is fitting that today we check out frontman Brendon Urie’s Twitter feed. In the past we’ve looked at single artists topping the charts of the music industry. Urie, however, is one third of Panic! at the Disco. His Twitter feed reflects that, not of a business-minded musician, but simply a person who happens to be the singer of one of America’s favorite pop rock outfits.

Urie’s approach to Twitter isn’t one that seems to hard to comprehend. He doesn’t spam updates for his new album, or incessantly tweet ramblings about life. Rather, his personality is evident in his casual posting of tweets. His Twitter is equal parts promoting new music, retweeting fans, and posting thoughts, including plugs for other artists.

As for two-way fan interaction, there isn’t much. Urie has no problem retweeting fans, especially if they are tweets endorsing Panic! at the Disco. Apart from those endearing tweets, there aren’t many responses, though. For Urie, twitter clearly isn’t meant for developing an interactive fan base.

So if he isn’t spamming and he’s not talking to fans, what is Urie doing on Twitter? Well, for one, he likes to Vine, and his Vine and Instagram is linked with his Twitter.

Urie doesn’t hold himself too seriously. He doesn’t hold his Twitter too seriously either. That’s not to say he doesn’t tweet the necessary, “My new album comes out today,” or “Watch my interview with punk bagel here,” but he does it in a manner that isn’t dull and trite. He likes to retweet select tweets, either from fans, companies or other bands, that say how good his music is. That way, he isn’t trying to redirect people to a new song, or toot his own horn, but he is letting other people talk for him. That way, there is much more credibility.

How effective is this laid-back strategy of tweeting? Well, Urie is no social media entrepreneur. It doesn’t appear that he is trying to become the world’s most retweeted musician. And his tweets don’t indicate that he’s a masterful strategist aiming to keep his band afloat via stellar social media promotion. There almost isn’t anything to dig deep into. Urie tweets about upcoming singles, albums, interviews, features, etc. that his band is a part of. He tweets about bands or albums he likes, or funny things he’s thought/experienced. As far as Twitter goes, Urie seems to just be a guy that loves humor, vines, and being in a band.

Maybe Urie has something up his proverbial Twitter-sleeve. Or maybe he just likes to Tweet whatever he feels like. Regardless, he has his own method of gaining fans.

Thanks for reading.


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