Twitter Tuesday: Kanye West

It was only a matter of time before Yeezy’s turn on Twitter Tuesday came around. Kanye West has no problem speaking his mind, regardless of how grandiose or pretentious his thoughts may be.

His Twitter may not fully reflect his entire personality, though. West habitually deletes tweets. Only 34 tweets currently exist on his page. His Twitter profile is minimalistic at best, with a white background and a bio consisting of a link to his website, which consists of nothing more than his upcoming tour dates and a link to sign up for updates.

Onto his actual tweets, or what remains of them, West’s Twitter feed is filled with what would be expected from a hip hop icon. He promotes his upcoming works, works of others, and himself as a whole.

Promoting yourself is a standard thing for anyone in the entertainment industry. The way Kanye acts would make it seem like he is at the top of the hip hop food chain. Whether that is true or not is debatable, but his number of followers on Twitter reflects someone who is a heavy hitter, but not quite the alpha rapper. He boasts just under 10 million followers, which is undeniably a huge number of people seeing his tweets, but comparatively a different story is revealed. Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem all have more people following them on Twitter. Of course that isn’t solely indicative of popularity, but it shows that for whatever reason, less people want to follow West’s feed.

A huge part of West’s Twitter identity comes through his grandiose statements:

And high octane rants:

The above rant, which includes a portion of what he said, is rather tame. But West made headlines for the umpteenth time at the end of September when he unleashed a not-so-tame barrage of tweets in response to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night skit, where he hired child actors to reenact Kanye’s interview with the BBC. West and Kimmel recovered their bond when Yeezy came onto the late night show to be interviewed by Kimmel. At a point in the interview, a break was taken for Josh Groban to put some of West’s “best” tweets, all which have been deleted, to music. Check out the video below:

West deleted his rant, leaving his Twitter feed mild for the most part.

It’s this brash and bold personality that draws some people in, and also what validates other’s disdain for the rap phenom.

Is his remove-the-evidence routine and basic promotion a good thing for West? His Twitter doesn’t effectively portray his larger-than-life personality. I thought my computer was messing up when it wouldn’t load more than 30 some tweets. Sure,  he has his ego-filled tweets and mini rants, but the lack of consistency and lack of personality doesn’t really effectively communicate much. Maybe he is trying to add to the enigma that is Kanye West. One thing is for sure, and that is that Kanye West is going to do what he wants and no one’s opinion will change that.

Thanks for reading.


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