Twitter Tuesday: Avicii

How often do Swedish DJs gain international success? I know of one solid case. Avicii, or Tim Bergling as his parents named him, has been gaining more and more popularity within the past few years. His success of producing catchy, EDM (electronic dance music) is on a steady uphill climb. His massive hit “Levels” which Flo Rida had to jump in on, got his name on the charts. For a musician who doesn’t make a sound except through digital programming, what is his online voice like? As do many producers and DJs, Avicii has a lot less face time than, let’s say Lady Gaga or Phillip Phillips. Does his Twitter reflect that, or is it an outlet for his bashfulness to give way to a strong voice?

His profile header may look bland and unenthused, but his timeline tells a different story. Avicii’s tweets bleed humility and gratitude. It’s hard not to want to be this guy’s friend. His use of Twitter isn’t anything groundbreaking or revolutionary. He’s just a simple dude that lets his gratitude be shown via social media.

You’d think after reading the above tweets that Avicii lost out to his competitors┬áthe mentioned award (EDM Artist of the Year during the AMAs), but he actually won. Much like his thank you speech was short, soft spoken and sweet, his modesty is easily seen in his Tweets.

He may not take steps for huge interaction with his audience, but that doesn’t stop them from responding to his tweets of thanks with admiration and respect.

Although his direct interaction with fans is limited, Avicii acknowledges individual fans from time to time.

Between his personal tweets and all of the replies on his fans’ part, there is a neverending wave of positivity surrounding his Twitter feed. Avicii is glad that he is alive and he lets everyone know it.

Aside from posting tweets beaming with optimism, Avicii also uses Twitter like anyone in the entertainment industry does, and that’s by promoting. It kind of goes hands down by now that every artist or celebrity is going to let people know about upcoming works. This just goes to show that not even the most meek people will refrain from plugging their feed with links to a new product or song (and that’s okay!).

With that said, Avicii really doesn’t make a habit out of tweeting about upcoming things. Most of his tweets are personal. When his new album “True” was releasing there was more commotion and retweets pertaining to the advertising of it. A few weeks later, though, and Avicii is back to tweeting happy things. It doesn’t seem like he believes in beating a dead horse, or even one that still has life in it. He lets you know what’s going on, and if you get the album or watch the music video he’s forever grateful. If you don’t, well then you don’t have to worry about being spammed with links.

Hey may not get as much interaction (via retweets and favorites) as most of the pop stars ruling the charts, but it doesn’t stop Avicii from continuing his system of thankful and positive tweets.

Thanks for reading.