Hey internet! My name is Ryan Glaspell and I am currently a junior at West Virginia University. I am studying print journalism in the P.I. Reed School of Journalism, which has been an amazing experience. I aspire to become an involved music journalist. To me, the music industry is a vastly untold, constantly evolving story which I want to help narrate.

I plan on graduating in the spring of 2015 with a bachelor’s of science in print journalism. From there, I am going to seek out a reporting job to gain experience, and then return to WVU to work towards a master’s degree in journalism.

I currently write classic and modern album reviews for Puluche Media.

This is a blog that focuses on how the music industry utilizes the constantly changing means of communicating with consumers. I will discuss what works, what doesn’t and highlight how people are taking advantage of the nonstop evolution of mass communication in the world of music promotion.

Sites like Hypebot and NPR The Record often have articles that talk about the rise or decline of certain areas of the music industry (CDs, streaming, live concerts, deluxe album packages, etc.). While they deviate from that from time to time, I want to focus on how the music industry is evolving, or  in some cases devolving.

Headlines may look like:

“Is Snoop Dogg turning Amish going to widen his audience, or fail terribly?”


“Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, One Direction and The Wanted make the ultimate, timeless boy band. Will they soar or crash?”

While the examples are very unlikely to ever happen, you hopefully get the idea. If there’s a new development in the way music is communicated, I want to contribute to the conversation.


Me (Ryan Glaspell) standing on the peak of Seneca Rock.

Me (Ryan Glaspell) standing on the peak of Seneca Rock.


As a music enthusiast, many of my hobbies involve going to concerts, spending hours listening to Spotify, and writing and performing music. At the same time, my love for the beautiful state that I live in allures me to be outside as much as I can. Soccer, swings and nature walks are a few of my favorite outside activities.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. This needs a lot of work. New readers will come here to see what you’re about, and you need examples that fully and vividly give them that information. Two sentences doesn’t cut it. In addition, there’s nothing here about you; that should be secondary, but it needs to be part of it. Examples, links, and details are all required for a living, breathing mission statement.

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